How to cheat and stay under the radar!

Eh, let’s reserve this spot for a cheat today.

A revolutionary CSGO bhop script! Bunnyhopper is a free tool for Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. It is a script that enables you to automatically bunnyhop (bhop) at insane speeds, while presenting no risk to bans, as it’s completely external – hence undetected. We are releasing this tool because we feel proud of making it, and we are always thrilled when we see gratitude! Instructions on using our script can be found on the website itself, along with a video demonstration. We’ve been using this script for months now, along with several members of our private forum, and there hasn’t been a single instance of anybody receiving a ban. You risk nothing using our script, and if you’re not satisfied with its efficiency, simply stop using it – it was free anyway… However, if you do like our script, we’d be grateful if you could leave a comment on our youtube video linked on our website, or post a review about our script anywhere (Reddit, forums…). Our goal is to make this script very popular, so that big exploiting groups give us a moment of attention and potentially hire us to work for them. A long time has been spent working on this, and we’re really hoping it’s to your liking, we did everything we could to optimize it in order for it to be called perfect. Oh, and although our script was made for CS:GO directly, we actually ran a few tests on other games (GMOD, CS 1.6, CS:S…) and it worked very well there as well! Who are we though? We are a team of young coders with England origins that are trying to get a name for ourselves. Along with the release of our bhop script, we’re preparing to release our public wallhack as well, and aimbot should be coming some time in the future too, so keep in touch. Feel free to use our script in your videos. If you want to show some appreciation, we’d be grateful if you could mention our website link in the video description.